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    Andren Software – The LoranGPS Program.   A windows-based program that allows you to manage your collection of Loran or GPS readings and print an organized book of listings and maps – Indialantic, FL

    The CAPN – Marine navigation software for your PC.   It is the easiest to use, most reliable ECS product on the market.   After extensive testing the US Coast Guard chose CAPN navigation software for use on board its entire cutter fleet.   CAPN software is also used at the United States Naval Academy and the USCG Training Center – Star Technologies Corporation, Great Falls, VA

    Davis Instruments – Weather monitoring software – Hayward, CA

    Dr. Dan's Fish and Game Predictions – A PC program using tide, sun, and moon data to predict the best times to go fishing or hunting.  Includes LORAN/GPS conversions.  Fishing predictions for saltwater anglers are based on moon rise and set times, moon phase, moon overhead and underfoot, sun rise and set times, length of day, tide height, and current flow – Leakey, TX

    FishByte – Solunar Tables for Fishing and Hunting – Heuristic Research, Toronto, Canada

    FishInSight – Feature rich fishing log software to record and analyze your catch, your trip, GPS, mapping, sun, moon, tides, photos and more.   FishInSight  includes complete Sun/Moon, Solunar (Almanac) and Tide tables specific to your location

    MaxSea Marine Software – Marine navigation and course plotting software – Technopole Izarbel, France

    Nautical Software, Inc. – A new level of power in navigation software.   Products include Tides & Currents tide prediction software, ChartView chart plotting software and GPS-Communicator GPS management software – Note: Nautical Software merged with Nobeltec and no longer offers the software products mentioned above.   You should visit the Nobeltec site and upgrade to current products.

    Nobeltec – A leading developer of PC-based marine navigation products.   Nobeltec offers a complete line of navigation products including Nobeltec Admiral, the Visual Series software, Passport World Charts, Tides & Currents software and others – Jeppesen Marine, Portland, OR

    POSAID2 – Positioning Aid 2.1a is a free DOS program for converting Loran-C Time Difference measurements to Latitude and Longitude coordinates used by your GPS – USCG R&D Center

    P-Sea Software Co. – WindPlot GPS Chart Plotter software with Moving Maps for Marine Navigation.   WindPlot can display many types of raster and vector nautical charts including Navionics, MapTech, BSB/NOAA, BSB/CHS, CHS vector, along with our own line of vector and raster bathymetric charts – Morro Bay, CA

    Starpath – Training Software for Celestial Navigation, Radar, Weather, Charting, Coastal Navigation, Rules of the Road, etc. – Seattle, WA

    The Fish Tracking System – tracks weather and water conditions along with catch results by date, location, sub location, angler, pattern, lure, presentation, retrieve, and species of fish.   Soon, you'll have a huge pool of fishing information that can be queried, charted, interpreted, then applied on your next fishing trip – BLS Outdoors, LaGrange, GA

    Terrafin Software – SST-View is a browser-based application to view computer enhanced sea surface temperature (SST) and Chlorophyll charts for the Continental US coastline, most of Mexico, and some Central America regions.   Features include distance and bearing calculations, a chart loop tool to view the last 15 charts, chlorophyll charts to determine water color – Vista, CA

    WeatherAloud – The Power of Spoken Audio.   Talking software for your PC that reads you weather forecasts and conditions talking software for your PC that reads you weather forecasts and conditions aloud from over 7500 locations worldwide.   Great for fishing –, Clemmons, NC

    Zephyr Services – Offers a variety of astronomical and tide table software – Santa Fe, NM