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    Accessories – Anti-Corrosion Products

    Boeshield T-9 – Spray on rust and corrosion protection that lasts for months.   Developed by The Boeing Company for lubrication and protection of aircraft components, it is a combination of solvents, lubricants, and waxes designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication and protection – Holland, MI

    Corrosion Block – Designed to prevent and treat corrosion on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, protect electronic equipment and to lubricate/penetrate mechanized parts – Lear Chemical Research Corp, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    CRC Salt Terminator – Dissolves salt and leaves a protective coating to inhibit corrosion.   Cleans & protects boats, PWCs, trailers, gear, fishing tackle and more – CRC Industries, Horsham, PA

    Salt-Away – 100% Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Non-Hazardous Salt Removing Treatment and Corrosion Control.   Salt-Away, mixed with water, washes away the salt then leaves a protective film on surfaces.   Special high-performing corrosion inhibitors in the product help protect metals from corroding.   Salt-Away is easy to apply with the ready-to-use spray bottles for smaller jobs, and by immersing items into a mixture of Salt-Away and water – Santa Ana, CA

    SALT OFF – SX50 Concentrate removes salt and protects the surface from harmful salt corrosion.   SX50 can be used to remove salt from your boat, boat trailer, fishing tackle, scuba gear or jet skis – Rosewood, Queensland, Australia

    SALT-X – A concentrated rinsing/flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt residue/crystals from any surface.   Not a cleaner or polish, SALT-X works quickly to remove even the harshest of salt buildup.   And it does this without touching oils or greases!   SALT-X will not even harm monofilament line, decals or coatings – Stafford, VA

    Star brite Salt Off – Star brite's Salt Off with PTEF is formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from all metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces – Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Wet & Forget Salt Shaker – Ordinary fresh water does not dissolve salt effectively and therefore it requires a product like Salt Shaker to do the job.   Simply spray reels, roller guides and rods liberally with Salt Shaker, leave to soak for 10 minutes, rinse clean with fresh water and apply another light coat prior to storing gear away – Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

    Accessories – Dry Storage

    Ameripack – Manufacturers of tough plastic cases.   Their injection molded and rotational molded cases are airtight, watertight, crushproof, dustproof and meet or exceed ATA and military specifications.   They also offer an extensive assortment of industrial and recreational flashlights.   Products include the Ameripack Dry Case™, a tough injection molded, o-ring sealed, waterproof carrying case that protects contents from dust and water – Robbinsville, NJ

    Aquapac – Manufacturers of innovative waterproof protective cases for over 30 years.   Products include waterproof cases for phones, GPS, VHF radios, radio microphones, cameras, binoculars, backpacks, drybags, duffel bags, wallets, waist bags and first aid bags – London, United Kingdom

    B&W International – Sophisticated and modern case solutions of the highest quality and functionality.   Their outdoor cases are watertight, dust-proof and shockproof and have a 30-year warranty – Ibbenbüren, Germany

    C.H. Ellis Company – Manufacturer of quality custom cases and tool case pallets.   Products include sewn (soft-sided) carrying cases, bags, pouches & storage.  Hard-sided products include military tool cases, travel tool cases, custom aluminum cases, military shipping cases, plastic shipping cases, instrument shipping cases and ATA-rated tool cases.   Interiors include a variety polyester, polyethylene, anti-static and heat laminated foams – Indianapolis, IN

    Flambeau Outdoors – Manufacturers of a wide variety of hard storage products, soft storage products, tackle boxes & dividers, bait storage and fishing rod storage tubes & cases – Middlefield, OH

    Fuerte Cases – Distributors of waterproof protective cases and customization of the interior and exterior of a case to meet your exact requirements.   Protect your valuables from water and impact with dry cases and dry bags by B&W International, Flambeau, HPRC, Nanuk, Pelican, S3, Seahorse, SKB, Undewater Kinetics – El Cajon, CA

    HPRC USA – Exclusive distributor of HPRC injection molded plastic resin waterproof cases, hard cases and shipping cases in the United States and manufacturer of removable interior carrying cases and divider kit inserts – Moonachie, NJ

    NANUK – Provides a full line of IP67-rated watertight rugged plastic cases.   Their protective cases are utilized by sportsmen, photographers, military, drones and more. – Plasticase Inc, Quebec, Canada

    Otter Products – Manufacturers of OtterBox waterproof cases and dry duffel bags.   Waterproof up to 90 feet deep, crushproof, airtight and they float.   Lifetime guarantee – Fort Collins, CO

    Outcast Sporting Gear – Keep your gear dry.  Manufacturers of soft-sided dry bags, duffle bags, boat bags, wader bags and cooler bags – Meridian, ID

    Pelican Products – Manufacturer of high-impact, watertight equipment cases, coolers, drinkware, backpacks, duffel bags, technical flashlights and headlamps.   All Pelican™ products are covered by an unconditional lifetime guarantee – Torrance, CA

    Platt Luggage – Manufacturer of professional cases for business and industry for nearly 100 years.   Platt offers over 350 standard cases and an infinite variety of custom cases proudly made in the USA – Chicago, IL

    PortaBrace – Manufacturer of a wide variety of soft and hard cases and bags.   Models available for protecting your gear from impact, cold, dust, water and travel – North Bennington, VT

    S3 Cases – Manufacturer of watertight and crushproof cases.   S3 cases are injection molded from high impact ABS and feature a silicone cord seals, stainless steel hinge pins and foam lined interiors.  S3 cases are proudly made in the USA – Wellington, CO

    Sea & Sea USA – Along with a line of underwater photography and video cameras, Sea & Sea offers a selection of underwater housings for compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras – Tabata USA, Inc, Long Beach, CA

    Seahorse – Manufacturer of protective equipment cases that are watertight, airtight, dustproof, and crush resistant.   Seahorse Hurricane™ cases are molded from polypropylene co-polymer, and have unbreakable, non-corrosive hinge and latch pins molded from acetyl co-polymer.   All Seahorse cases are made in the USA – La Verne, CA

    SeaLife – Along with underwater cameras, Sealife offers several hard and soft cases that are unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof.  Made of ultra high impact structural copolymer, their cases include an purge valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure – Pioneer Research, Moorestown, NJ

    SealLine – Offers a complete line of portable, soft-sided dry storage bags, packs and accessories made of high-quality vinyl or nylon – Cascade Designs, Seattle, WA

    SKB Cases – Manufacturer of waterproof cases, industrial cases, Mil-STD cases, ATA-rated cases, and industrial racks for a wide variety of applications.  Depending on model, a variety of features are available including wheels, casters, pull handles, padded dividers, foam liners and heavy-duty latches – Orange, CA

    Underwater Kinetics USA – Manufacturers of watertight and crush resistant boxes and cases molded from corrosion-proof ABS plastic with stainless steel components.   UK products are carefully manufactured in the USA – Poway, CA

    Watershed – Manufacturers of ZipDry® waterproof gear bags, duffels, backpacks, deck bags, padded bag liners and accessories.   ZipDry® seals snap shut like a freezer bag, and anything inside is protected, even underwater.   Proudly made in the USA – Asheville, NC

    Witz Sports Cases – THE most practical waterproof cases to protect your valuables.   Witz® takes pride in the fact that all of their cases are compact, lightweight, portable and convenient.   Unlike other protective cases, Witz® Sport Cases work for everyday use.   Their streamlined design makes them perfect for hanging around necks, slipping into pockets, stowing in backpacks, or clipping to bags – Gold River, CA

    Accessories – Fishing Kites

    AFTCO Fishing Kites – Offers state-of-the-art Fishing Kites that top all others in performance and durability, Goldfinger Kite release clips, and Kite Clip Kits that have everything needed to set up a kite fly-line for fishing one or two baits.   The AFTCO kite can be slow trolled or drift fished by attaching a helium-filled balloon to the kite's special loops – Santa Ana, CA

    Klutch Contender Fishing Kites – Offers two fishing kite models sturdily made with carbon graphite spars, polyester fabric and rigged with 200-pound test hollow core braid – Boynton Beach, FL

    Lewis Fishing Kites – Offers a full line of Fishing Kites and accessories that will help anyone, beginner to professional, catch more fish.   Four kite models are available and are graded for the velocity of the wind.  How to videos are offered at the web site along with kite fishing accessories – Miami, FL

    Paul's Fishing Kites – Fishing kites, kite fishing rigs, beach fishing rigs, DIY fishing knot and fishing rig tutorial and more – Glen Eden, Auckland, NZ

    SFE Fishing Kites – Made in the U.S.A.   SFE has been manufacturing quality Fishing Kites for over 15 years.   Offer a variety of all-purpose and specialty fishing kites and accessories – Sebring, FL

    Tigress Fishing Kites – Offers three Fishing Kite models - for light, medium and heavy winds.   A wide variety of kite fishing accessories are also available – Lake Worth, FL

    Accessories – Fishing Lights

    Deep Glow – Manufacturer of Underwater Dock Lights for Docks, Seawalls, Piers, Bridges & Marinas; for Salt or Freshwater, Fishing and More – St. Petersburg, FL

    Hydro Glow – Above the water and below the water fish attracting lights for boats and docks Submersible lights for attracting fish at night – Eatonton, GA

    PETZL USA – Waterproof Headlamps for fishing or any pursuit that requires hands-free lighting – West Valley City, UT

    Princeton Tec  – Manufacturers of Technical Sport Lighting, Flashlights, Headlamps.   Proudly made in the USA – Trenton, NJ

    Streamlight – Manufacturers of LED and Xenon lamp flashlights and headlamps for every need – Eagleville, PA

    The Green Monster – The submersible Green Monster transforms any dock or pier into a hot nighttime fishing spot.   Equipped with a 175-watt mercury vapor bulb, the Green Monster attracts all bait fish.   It also includes a GFCI plug for additional safety and a photocell to turn the light on and off each night – Dadeville, AL

    Underwater Fish Light – Manufacturers of underwater dock lights.   Their bulbs reflect off small particles and microorganisms in the water to bring in baitfish which in turn attract gamefish.  Their kits are equipped with either single, dual or triple 175 Watt or 250 Watt HID lights and include a photocell to automatically turn the light on and off and a three-year warranty – Port Charlotte, FL

    Underwater Green Fishing Lights – Offers a variety of under water fishing lights, over water fishing lights, portable lights, boat lights and parts & accessories – La Marque, TX

    Accessories – Fishing Scales

    Berkley Fishing – Offers several digital fishing scales with capacities from 15 to 50 pounds – Spirit Lake, IA

    Brecknell – Manufacturer of hanging and portable scales.   Their 235 Series hanging scales provide accurate weighing, ease of operation and very robust design in terms of reliability.   Models are available with 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch dial face sizes and capacities from 11 to 660 pounds – Fairmont, MN

    Cabela's – Fish scales, digital fish scales and measuring devices from Cabela's – Sidney, NE

    Chatillon® Scales – Precision brass scales and dial scales for weighing your catch or setting your reel drag.   Chatillon Fish & Game scales are available with capacities from 2-pounds to 100-pounds – Ametek, Inc, Largo, FL

    Detecto – Offers a variety of analog dial and digital hanging scales for weighing fish.   Detecto has been making scales for over 100 years – A division of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Webb City, MO

    Dr.meter – Digital fishing scales

    Pelouze – Manufacturers of digital and mechanical scales for fishing.   Both round dial and vertical scale models are offered and all include heavy duty hooks, tare feature and weigh in both pounds and kilograms – Rubbermaid Commercial Products,Saratoga Springs, NY

    Quarrow® – Offers sever models of Digital Fishing Scales – NEBO, Ft. Worth, TX

    ReelSonar – Digital fishing scales – Seattle, WA

    ScaleMaster II – Built specifically for the sport fishing industry, the ScaleMaster II has met all IGFA requirements for accuracy since 1985, comes pre-certified for one year in its own waterproof shockproof carry case, has a 3 year warranty and is compatible for catch and release fishing – International Weighing Systems, San Diego, CA

    Accessories – Knives, Sharpening Tools, Cutting Boards & Cleaning Tables

    American Angler – Manufacturer of electric fillet knives, replacement blades and fishing accessories – Harrison, OH

    Blade Tamer – Knife sheaths designed to fit most curved or straight blades.   Sheath models available for 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-inch blades.   In addition to sheaths, they are distributors for the Victorinox – RH Forschner line of cutlery which are generally regarded as some of the best in the world – Innovative Marine Products, LLC, Miami, FL

    Boker USA – Stainless steel pocket knives, fixed blade knives, cutting boards, pouches & sheaths, sharpening tools and other accessoriesfishing, dive and outdoorsman knives made in Solingen, Germany – Lakewood, CO

    Bubba Blade – Fillet knives that stay sharper longer, resist rusting, and hold up under the harsh saltwater fishing environment.   The blades are made from 8CR13MOV high carbon stainless steel and sharpened by hand to razor sharpness.   The blades are also coated with a non-stick surface that is bonded with Titanium to help prevent rusting and pitting and let the meat slide off the blade effortlessly.   Products include cordless electric, corded electric and manual fillet knives, sharpening tools, fishing pliers and fishing & fillet gloves – Fish Tales LLC, Oro Valley, AZ

    Buck Knives – Their extensive collection of knives includes a full line of lightweight fillet knives and specialty knives – Post Falls, ID

    Cold Steel High Performance Knives – Make short work of filleting fish with their Cold Steel Fillet & Boning Knives!   Honed from 3/32" thick Carbon V® steel, their blades are stronger and tougher than the competition's and they hold their sharp edges longer than any stainless blade – Ventura, CA

    Deep Blue Marine Products – Top Quality Dockside Filet Tables.   38", 48", 72" & 96" models available with heavy duty 3/4" marine-grade polymer table top, anodized aluminum legs with bolt down flanges, knife sharpener, covered knife holder, pliers slots, hose holder, umbrella hole, and drink holder – Tarpon Springs, FL

    Dexter-Russell Knives – Cut, Rip, or Fillet with famous Dexter-Russell Traditional, SofGrip and Sani-Safe knives...  they're sharp to the last fish – Dexter Russell Cutlery, Southbridge, MA    Great carbon steel filleting knives!

    DMT – Diamond Sharpeners for Fishing Knives and Fish Hooks.   Diamonds are a Sharpeners Best Friend! – Diamond Machining Technology, Marlborough, MA

    Eze-Lap – The Sharpener People.   They manufacture a wide variety of diamond products for sharpening knives & tools.   EZE-LAP has been a pioneer and originator of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970s.   Products include a wide variety of diamond sharpeners that work on carbide, ceramic, tool steel, hardened materials and newer stainless steels that are utilized by most major knife manufacturers today.   Keep your fillet knives and fishing hooks razor-sharp – Carson City, NV

    F. Dick – Manufacturers of high quality chef's knives and tools – Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG, Deizisau, Germany

    Florida Fillet Tables – Manufacturers of Fish Cleaning Tables and accessories.   Standard and Custom models available in either wood or aluminum – Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Frosts – Morakniv AB manufactures a wide variety of Fishing Knives for commercial and sportfishing interests under the Frosts and MoraKniv brands – Mora, Sweden

    Gerber Legendary Blades – Offers a wide variety of fillet knives from 4” to 9”, knife sheaths, fishing line scissors, fishing pliers, compact fishing multi-tools, 4-in-1 fishing shears and an assortment of sharpening tools and kits – Portland, OR

    Global Cutlery USA – Japanese made stainless steel knives including fillet knives, flexible fillet knives and bone tweezers – Tsubame, Japan

    I.O. Shen – Their professional quality knives are designed in the UK and then manufactured in Japan.   They are handcrafted by master craftsmen using Japanese steel and paired with westernized handles – Barton Hartshorn, United Kingdom

    Kershaw Knives – High-carbon stainless steel fishing and diving knives with a lifetime warranty.   Regular, folding, serrated and interchangeable blade models are available – Tualatin, OR

    Lansky Sharpeners – The leader in knife sharpening technology since 1979.   Products include Knife Sharpening Kits, Diamond Sharpeners, Tungsten Carbide Sharpeners, Ceramic & Steel Sharpeners, Pocket Sharpeners and Benchstones – Buffalo, NY

    Mac Knife – Their products include a variety of professional quality fillet knives, boning knives and Sharpeners & Honing Rods – Sacramento, CA

    Mercer Sport – Manufacturers of professional quality sportfishing knives.   A variety of high-carbon steel fillet knives, slicers and sheaths are available.   Proudly made in the USA – Ronkonkoma, NY

    Messermeister – German made stainless steel fillet knives, flexible fillet knives, boning knives, breaking knives, scimitar knives and shashimi knives – Ojai, CA

    PRIMEdge – The Ergo Steel II Knife Sharpener straightens and restores knife edges with a few stokes.   Works with large and small knives and is safely operated by both left-handed and right-handed persons – Elk Grove Village, IL

    Shun Cutlery – In the great tradition of Seki City, Japan's sword and knifemaking center, every Shun knife is handmade by highly skilled specialists and requires at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete – KAI USA Ltd, Tualatin, OR

    Smith's – Innovative sharpening products including manual and electrical sharpeners that incorporate many different abrasive materials including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives and, of course, natural Arkansas stones – Hot Springs, AK

    Spyderco – Manufacturers of Fishing and Utility Knives – Golden, CO

    Titan Knife Technologies – Manufacturers of solid Titanium fillet knives.   Available in 6-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch blade lengths, they do not rust, corrode or lose their sharp cutting edges quickly.   As long as you own a Titan knife, they will re-sharpen it, re-carbide it, or repair it (as long as you haven't abused it) for as long as you own the knife – Stuart, FL

    T-N-T Custom Boat Works – Their wet-top design Fish Cleaning Tables keeps fish scales, blood, and debris from sticking to you or the table top.   The all-aluminum table features a polymer cutting top which is easy on knives and the continuous valve controlled flow of flushing water which washes into the tray and down the support legs into the water under the dock keeps the table clean of all messy debris – Ft. Pierce, FL

    Victorinox – They offer a wide variety of professional Swiss made cutlery including Fibrox filleting knives, boning knives, salmon knives and scimitar knives – Victorinox Swiss Army Inc., Monroe, CT

    Wüsthof USA – Offers high quality stainless steel fillet knives and flexible fillet knives in blade lengths from 6 to 9 inches – Norwalk, CT

    Zwilling – German manufacturers of high quality stainless steel cutlery including Zwilling and Henckels fillet knives, boning knives and trimming knives – Zwilling J.A. Henckels LLC, Pleasantville, NY

    Accessories – Lubricants

    Aqua-Lub Spray Lubricant – Formulated to provide corrosion protection, lubrication, and cleaning of all metal parts – Galveston, TX

    CRC Industries – CRC Marine 6-56 Multipurpose Lubricant Spray.   Resists water and spray; Loosens rusted parts; Protects against corrosion – Warminster, PA

    Hot Rods Marine Care Products – Manufacturers of tackle care lubricants including Competition Reel Grease and Big Bob's Lightning Fast Reel Oil.   Both products are 100% synthetic lubricants specifically designed to keep all reels performing at their peak regardless of the weather conditions – North Branch, NJ

    ReelSaver – The world's best fishing reel lubricant protectant, available in an oil or a grease.   It's the choice of ABU–Garcia.   Other products include Reel Saver Cleaner, a pre-treatment and Reel Saver AR, an anti-reverse bearing grease.   Proven to protect metal from rust and saltwater corrosion – Mil-Comm Products Co., East Rutherford, NJ

    WD-40 Company – WD-40, the #1 multipurpose problem solver.   It cleans, protects, penetrates, lubricates and displaces moisture like no other product – San Diego, CA

    Accessories – Marker Buoys

    Adjustable Bullseye Buoy – An affordable marker buoy with nothing else to buy!   Even the weight is included!  Adjusts from 30 to 100 feet with a turn of dial – Largo, FL

    American Bandit Buoys – Marker Buoys for fishing or diving.   Sets itself at the proper depth, will not drift off the spot, gives current direction, has 200' of line stored internally, and is made of a chemical resistant unbreakable foam – Bainbridge, GA

    Aqua Gem – The Snap Float...  More than just a Shark and Tuna Float.   Goes from a Fixed Float to a Slide Float when the fish bites the bait – Branford, CT

    CherryBomb Marker Buoy – A revolutionary marine marker system by Lee Fisher International.   Automatically releases just the right amount of line for depth of water – Tampa, FL

    Jugit – This fisherman's marker buoy consists of a solid foam core with a durable polyurea coating and includes counter weights built into the body to limit rotation when discharged.   A locking cord prohibits any release of line while fishing on your spot.   A built-in handgrip makes for easy retrieval of string, and a built-in anchor weight housing provides compact storage – Madeira Beach, FL

    Suremarker – Worlds Finest Portable Marker Buoy.   Made of tough PVC foam and ABS plastic, it automatically deploys line in depths to 200 ft.   Stores in your rod holder – Sarasota, FL

    Accessories – Miscellaneous

    Boyster Company – Multi-Function Tools for Fishermen and Boats – Marker Buoys, Fish Billy Clubs, Multipurpose Wrenches, Knife/Hook Sharpeners, etc.

    Finger Rest Co. – Made to help better your awareness of feel while you are fishing.   It will help you detect every bite as long as your finger is setting on the Finger Rest – Hurst, TX

    Flexx-Rap – Protect your fingers from monofilament  line cuts.   Think of Flexx-Rap as a cross between a miniature ace bandage and a stretchy, fabric-like surgical tape.  It only sticks to itself, does not rely on adhesives and leaves no gummy residue when removed... and it is waterproof – Paso Robles, CA

    Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue – An incredible, new two-part flexible epoxy.   Do it Wet!   Do it Cold!   Mr. Sticky’s will Cure and Hold! – Fair Oaks, CA

    PRO's Soft~Bait Glue® – Glues and repairs rips and tears on worms, grubs, tubes, jerk-baits, flies & feathers, bucktail-trailers, nylon and rubber skirts, and many others while on hooks.   It also works on rod guides, rod handles, shoes, transducers, rubber boat moldings, waders, upholstery, leather and leather soles, and many hard plastic baits too.   "Fish Chew-um – We Glue-em" – Innovative Promotions Company, Ashland, VA

    ReliefBand – Relief of Nausea and Vomiting due to Seasickness!   Worn like a sports watch, only on the underside of the wrist, the device emits gentle electrical signals which interfere with nerves that cause nausea – Carlsbad, CA   Anti-barf with no medications!

    Sea Angler Insulated Fishing Bags – Manufacturers of the nicest insulated fish kill bags and bait bags on the market.   Constructed of UV protected PVC nylon with 3-inches of insulating foam – South Beach Products Company, North Charleston, SC

    Thumb Dinger – Protection for fishermen's thumbs.   The patent-pending Thumb Dinger is a one-finger leather glove that fits your thumb and protects it from fishing line cuts and while thumbing your reel.   Made from leather, it has a Velcro strap and fits either hand – UNLimited Creations Corporation, Chula Vista, CA

    Accessories – Tackle Storage

    Albackore Sportfishing Gear – Unique Fishing Tackle Solutions.   Fishing Tackle Bags featuring soft-sided/rigid frame construction, removable lunchbox, and infinitely adjustable shelves and dividers – West Hills, CA

    Angler Sports – The Ultimate Tackle Containment Specialists.   Products include the Angler's Pack, the Line Keeper and the Jig Pack – Anaheim Hills, CA

    Angler's Fish-N-Mate – Offers big-wheel aluminum fishing carts in three sizes, bumper-mount aluminum rod racks, bumper-mount rod/cooler racks, aluminum rod racks for boats, and surf fishing accessories – Wanchese, NC

    Arapho Fishing Accessories – Extensive line of offshore and long-range tackle bags, reel cases, reel covers, tools, tool sheaths, rod wraps, creels and other accessories – HYI USA, Covena, CA

    BajaEdd Fishing Rod Racks – Individually handcrafted, red oak Fishing Rod Racks with hand-rubbed oil finish.   Custom work welcome.   Other products include Rod Carriers and Transport Systems for cars, trucks, vans, SUV's and boats; Modular Fishing Rod Racks; and Molded Rubber Fishing Rod Holders – Newhall, CA

    Canyon Products  – Offshore tackle, fish cooler bags, chum bags, lure bags, storage bags, gaffs, knives, belts & harnesses and accessories

    Fishing Butler – Keeps fishing rods organized and stops the tangles.   This simple device is made of a thin, bungee-type nylon cord and a quick release disk that either releases or tightens the cord.   Use them when transporting your rods, or use them to hang them up vertically or horizontally – R Ideas, Hagersville, Ontario, Canada

    Flambeau Outdoors – Manufacturers of a wide variety of tackle boxes, soft sided tackle systems, storage boxes, and telescoping rod cases including the Bazuka™, the mother of all cases – Middlefield, OH

    Gorilla Locking Fishing Rod Rack – The first and only Fishing Rod Rack that locks to deter theft – Bowline Products, Inc., Delray Beach, FL

    INNO – Fishing rack systems for transporting your fishing rods in your vehicle.   They mount inside your car or SUV away from the elements, out of sight, and away from other cargo and passenger space.  Models available with capacities of 5, 7, 8, 10 and 14 rods – Car Mate USA, Torrance, CA

    LureBox – Five interlocking, see-thru plastic trays for easier storing of your saltwater tackle.   Small enough to fit inside a 5-gallon bucket – Saddle Brook, NJ

    Madera Marine – A better rod and reel holder, carrier and transport system that holds multiple rods securely in place, and adequately distances them apart to avoid excessive contact, bumping, scratching and sliding.   Models for two, three and four rods are available – St. Petersburg, FL

    Piranha – The ultimate fishing rod rack.   One-piece vinyl coated steel home storage racks for storing rods vertically.   Also available are two-piece racks for overhead horizontal storage – Green Touch Industries, Lake Park, FL

    Plano Molding Company – America's Tackle Box Company.   Hard and Soft Tackle Boxes, Tray & Hip Boxes, Storage Boxes, Gear Bags, Rod Tubes – Plano, IL

    Reel Wood Rod Rack – The finest fishing rod racks in the world.   Made from teak, mahogany and balau hardwoods with a high gloss finish and include heavy duty casters – Silver Spring, MD

    Rod Log – Innovative freestanding fishing rod and reel storage system for anywhere you need it.   Made from durable heavyweight PVC plastic, Rod Log will never rust or corrode and will not mar or scratch your rods.   Designed with water drainage and air ventilation ducts they also hold your equipment for water wash down and drying.   Available in three different styles to suit your individual needs – Whites Creek Products, Wilmington, DE

    Rod Slick – An easy and affordable way to protect and organize your rods in your boat and in storage.   Easily slips over your rigged rod and prevents tangles and damage to guides and tips.  Available in sizes for conventional and spinning rods from 5 to 8½ feet in length – Lakeville, MN

    Rodtek Sports, USA – Backpacks, tackle bags, reel bags, bait bags, lure bags, rod carriers and tool sheaths for fishermen on-the-go

    SKB Sports Cases – A full line of travel and storage cases for fishing.   Products include tackle boxes, rod transport cases, reel bags, fishing bags and fighting belts – Orange, CA

    StowAway2 – Surf fishing rod rack for your vehicle.   Holds your cooler and has six rod holders.   Has a rugged swingaway frame that gives you access to the rear of your vehicle – Lake Oswego, OR

    Superbowl Rigging Bucket – Holds up to 84 rigs.   You can throw all your weights, hooks, old skirts and what-not into the bucket, and they are funneled down to the base.   These buckets won't tip over – La Grange, NC

    Tackle Tamer Products – Neatly stores and organizes all sizes and lengths of leaders, live bait snells, spinners and even steel leaders.   Other products include Reel-A-Buoy marker buoy system, and a variety of ice and shore fishing accessories – Keewatin, MN

    T&S Fishing Rod Holders – Their PVC fishing rod holders offer convenient and safe storage.   Their holders are available with either 1 1/8 inch or 1 1/2  inch diameter holders and capacities from 6 to 16 fishing rods.   A special feature allows the tube bases to tilt for easy storage of any long rods – Katy, TX

    WFO Sportfishing – Manufacturers of a full line of soft tackle bags and reel bags – Camarillo, CA

    Wheeleez, Inc – The soft Wheeleez® balloon wheels used on their fishing utility carts, beach carts, kayak carts, canoe carts, PWC dollies, jet-ski dollies, inflatable boat dollies, beach wheelchairs and mobility devices allow you to travel over sand, mud, turf, snow and sensitive terrain with ease – Benicia, CA

    Accessories – Tools

    Accurate Fishing Products – Piranha™ offshore cutters/pliers combo tool is offered in two sizes.   Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, they will cut virtually all sizes of monofilament line, single-strand and multi-strand wire, plus high-tech braided lines.   Replacement cutters and jaws available – Corona, CA

    Angler's Rail Buddy – This handy little fishing accessory holds your fishing rod, tackle, bait cup and beverage.   It attaches to the rail of your favorite party boat with a quick snap buckle and strap.   Easy to store and quick to set in place or move – J&J Specialty Products, Huntington Beach, CA

    ARC DeHooker – Instantly and safely removes internally and externally hooked fish, sea turtles, other aquatic animals and sea birds without harming them.   Hand-held models are made from high-grade stainless steel and available in 8-, 9-, 16-, 24- and 34-inch sizes.   Big game models include anodized aluminum poles in 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-foot sizes – Daytona Beach, FL

    B3 Sports – ProCatch precision catch tools.   Scale-in-handle and measuring tools incorporated with high quality landing nets and gaff hooks – Brookline, NH

    BogaGrip – The original high quality fish landing, weighing and handling product.   Easy one-hand operation allows you to lift fish out of the water, measure its weight (up to 60-lbs), and release it with minimal handling and trauma – Eastaboga Tackle, Eastaboga, AL

    Boomerang Tool – Multi-use pliers with a retractable Kevlar lanyard.   Light weight, very strong and anti-corrosive.   Its replaceable carbide blade easily cuts through mono and braided fishing line – Mountain View, CA

    Berkley Fishing – Needlenose Pliers, Split Ring Pliers, Scissors, Crimper/Cutter – Spirit Lake, IA

    Braid Products – Crimping tools, braided line cutters, cable cutters, multi-purpose tools, hook files – Palmdale CA

    Captain Ron's Tuna Tool – Simplifying the task of skinning tuna.   Just cut the fish around the perimeter with a regular filet knife..   Pull back a small flap of skin around the head.   Insert the skin into the slot and wind the skin back to the tail.   It's that simple – Kill Devil Hills, NC

    Cibolo Fish D-Hooker – Allows you to remove fishing hooks without touching the fish – Cibolo Enterprises, Spring, TX

    Clam Out Equipment Co. – Clam Rakes, Scratch Rakes, Calico Crab Rakes, Clam Pics, Fish & Eel Spears, Clam, Oyster & Scallop Knives, Clam Openers, Galvanized Wire Baskets – Mohnton, PA

    Du-Bro Products – Quality tools and accessories for saltwater and freshwater fishing as well as marine use.   Du-Bro products include Knot tying tools, leader making tools & wire straighteners, release clips, jig & lure holders, rod holders, rod storage and more – Wauconda, IL

    Dr. Slick – Surgical quality instruments for anglers.   Products include Pliers, Scissors, Clamps, Fly Tying Tools, Hook Sharpeners and Nippers – Belgrade, MT

    FinStar International, LLC – Manufacturers of Barracuda™ Catch & Release Grips.   The Barracuda™ is available in three models, the E-26 Entry Model (26 lb. non-locking scale), the Pro 26 (26 lb. scale) and the Pro 60 (60 lb scale).   Pro models include non-slip vulcanized rubber handle with adjustable nylon lanyard, locking jaws with push button release, scale lockout screw, 42" stainless steel tape measure, nylon pouch, coiled 5' lanyard/tether and one-year warranty.   Optional mounting bracket is available – Westerly, RI

    Gaffman – Hand made Calcutta bamboo fishing gaffs and bait nets.   Made to your exact dimensions to eliminate storage problems and meet you individual needs – San Diego, CA

    Hansom Tackle – AP-8 aluminum Fishing Pliers with replaceable stainless steel jaws and tungsten carbide cutters.   A Cordura sheath is included.   Their DK-6 Dive Knife for the surf fisherman, wetsuiter or skisher.   The knife has a stainless steel, blunt tipped, double edge blade with a line cutter and serrated edge on one side and a sharp, smooth edge on the other – Stratford, CT

    Holdzit – Lubricated sheathes and holsters for hand tools and fishing equipment.   Put an end to rusty fishing pliers, hook files and line cutters.   These puppies really work!

    Izorline Fishing Products – Izorline Fishing Products – Fisherman's Tools including Pliers, Forceps, Crimpers, Cutters and Sheaths – Paramount, CA

    K.B. White Co. – Shellfishing Forks, Rakes, Baskets and Dip Nets Made Right – North Falmouth, MA

    Kelmat Game Fishing – Single and triple prong gaffs and folding gaffs – Sydney, Australia

    Killer Clam Rakes – Hand crafted, custom made stainless steel Clam Rakes.   Rake head measures 6.5 inches wide and features sharpened stainless steel teeth.   The teeth are spaced 1-1/8 inch apart and the whole head weighs less than 14 ounces.

    Krok Billfisher Pliers – Fishing pliers made for the serious fisherman and loaded with innovative features.   The Deluxe and Heavy Duty models come in three sizes (5", 6", and 6½") and has specially heat-treated jaws, spring-loaded handles and chrome-plated handles for maximum corrosion resistance.   Also available in a 6" long-nose model – Morehead City, NC

    Leatherman Tool Group Inc. – Recognized as the leader in sales, quality and innovations within the compact multipurpose tool category – Portland, OR

    Lip-Lok – A catch-and-release device with a built-in 50-pound scale.   Made of corrosion-resistant nylon and stainless steel – Saddle Brook, NJ

    Lipper Tools – The ultimate tool for gripping, controlling and weighing fish.   Constructed of premium 308 stainless steel, ABS plastic and a non-slip rubber handle, they come with a 26-lb or 60-lb scale that can be certified by the IGFA – Miami, FL

    Malin Bait De-Hooker – This handy little stainless steel tool is designed to remove hooks from small baitfish.   For the freshest, most lively baits, release them into your live well untouched – Brook Park, OH

    MANLEY Industries – The best fishing pliers money can buy.   Manley 6½" and 5" Super Pliers are a mainstay item for many anglers and are available with a black oxide coating or rust resistant Teflon.   Other Manley products include brass fishing scales, stainless mono nippers, stainless long-nose pliers, stainless gripper/nippers and clip-on pliers cases – Lakewood, NJ

    Ocean Fish Equipment – Big game fishing accessories.   Products include flying gaffs, gaff sticks, fixed gaffs and harpoons – Pesaro, Italy

    Jinkai – Monofilament cutters and crimping tools – U.S. Seven Oceans, Inc., Mukilteo, WA

    Poon Harpoons – Manufacturers of harpoons, rigged darts and harpoon storage bags.   Harpoons have proven themselves as an invaluable tool, and now, their use is becoming more popular with recreational fishermen.   Life's too short to lose big fish... JUST STICK IT! – G&G Marine Products, West Newton, MA

    R.A. Ribb Company – Ribb Recreational and Commercial Clam Rakes & Accessories – Harwich, MA

    Ripoffs Brand Products – Manufacturers of a wide variety of clip-on holsters and sheaths.   Products include clip-on tool holsters and sheaths, lure bags, reel covers, reel line keepers, rod keepers, GPS holsters, radio holsters, flashlight holsters – Reeline Company, San Dimas, CA

    Sea Scissors – Great stainless steel scissors for cutting cutting bait including Crabs, Squid, Bunker, Worms, Shrimp and small baitfish.   The main advantage that SeaScissors has over a pair of ordinary scissors is its serrated edge – Wyckoff, NJ

    Sea Striker – Aluminum and wood handle fixed fishing gaffs – Morehead City, NC

    So–Lo Marine – Manufacturer of IGFA-approved 316 stainless steel straight gaffs and flying gaffs.   Available in hook sizes from 2 to 14 inches and in lengths from 1 to 8 feet.   Other products include stainless steel gaff handles, tarpon gaffs, tuna hooks, tail snares and dart gaffs – Bridgeport, CT

    South Chatham Tackle – Makers of fine big game gear.   Specialties include custom stainless steel, aluminum and wooden gaffs from 1 to 12 feet, stainless steel harpoons and tuna swimming hooks – Sanford, NC

    Speedy MacTwist – Wire Rigging System.   Quickly makes haywire twist and barrel wrap knots in light or heavy wire leaders – Jacksonville, FL

    Swifty Manufacturing – The Swifty Line Remover makes it easy to get old fishing line off of your reels – Glendora, CA

    TGI Welding and Marine – Makers of Clam Rakes custom built to fit your needs with virtually any length handle for tall or short diggers – Cheriton, VA

    Top Shot Tackle Australia – Offers a variety of gaff systems including fixed gaffs, flying gaffs, fiberglass gaff poles, gaff ropes, lipping gaffs and meat hooks.   Their stainless steel gaff heads have a stellite tip for hardness, and have a triangular cross-section for strength – Hindmarsh, South Australia

    Tournament Cable – End Game gaffs are sturdy, no nonsense, and made with the highest quality materials.   End Game 606L anodized aluminum gaff handles are available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot lengths and are twice the wall thickness of other metal gaffs.   If you do bend one, you can replace them separately.   The gaff hooks are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel and available in sizes from 2"x3/8" to 6"x1/2" – Burleigh, NJ

    Van Staal – Corrosion-proof spring-loaded fishing pliers with line cutter.   They include replaceable anvil and cutter blade and are available in 7", 6", or 5" titanium, or 6" stainless steel models.   Optional lanyard and leather sheath are available – A W.C. Bradley company, Tulsa, OK

    X-TOOLS – Fisherman's tools designed to get wet.   Products include Floating Pliers™, gripNweigh™ 25-lb. digital scale and E-Z Release™ de-hooker – Sarasota, FL