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    Cabo San Lucas:

    All About Cabo - Information and links for fishing charters, fishing reports, hotels, maps, restaurants, airline schedules, car rentals and more in Cabo San Lucas - San Ysidro, CA

    Cabo Connections - Whether you need hotel accommodations, a private villa or need to hook-up with a Marlin on a sportfishing boat charter, Cabo Connections can take care of your every travel need - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Fishing Boats and Landings:

    22nd STREET Landing - Ocean sportfishing at its BEST.   Home port for the FREEDOM, MONTE CARLO, OUTRIDER, PACIFIC MIST, PURSUIT and SEA ANGLER sportfishing vessels.   A variety of fishing trips are available including 1/2-day trips, 3/4-day trips, overnight trips and multi-day trips - San Pedro, CA

    ALEXES Sportfishing - Captain Gary Abbamonte offers charter fishing trips for up to six passengers aboard his 38-foot custom Cruizon sportfisher.   Half-day local fishing trips, 9-hour locl fishing trips, and 12-hour offshore/Mexico trips are available - Seaforth Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    ALOHA SPIRIT Sportfishing - Captain Shawn Steward offers full day and twilight limited load open party and charter fishing trips for up to 25 passengers aboard his 50-foot custom Delta Marine vessel.   Captain Shawn spent many years working aboard and eventually operating the EXCEL before starting off on his own in 2008 - Oxnard, CA

    AMERICAN ANGLER - 90' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    APOLLO Charters - Captain J.J. Gerritsen offers full day and multi-day limited load charters for up to 25 passengers aboard his custom 65-foot aluminum vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA and Sea Landing, Santa Barbara, CA

    BIG GAME 90 - 90' x 24' Long range sportfishing vessel - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    BLUE HORIZON Sportfishing - Captain Jim Sharp offers half-day, 3/4-day, full day, 1½-day and two day charter fishing trips for up to 35 passengers aboard his custom 55-foot x 16-foot vessel - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    BONGOS Sportfishing - Home port for the BONGOS II, BONGOS III and TAILCHASER 6-passenger charter fishing boats - Newport Beach, CA

    CAPTAIN JIMMY Charters - Inshore and offshore fishing charters for up to six passengers aboard Captain Jimmy Rubin's 31-foot Island Hopper, the BECKY ANN - Upper Santa Cruz Harbor, Santa Cruz, CA

    CHANNEL ISLANDS Sportfishing Center - Home port for the BREAKWATER, COBRA, CORAL SEA, ERNA B, GENTLEMAN, ISLAND TAK, MIRAGE, PACIFIC EAGLE, PACIFIC ISLANDER, RANGER 85, SEA JAY and SEABISCUIT sportfishing vessels.   A variety of trips are available including local 1/2 day trips, 3/4 day islands trips, and overnight outer island trips - Oxnard, CA

    CHARTLE Charters - Providing custom sportfishing charters in Monterey Bay and along the coast aboard Captain Joe Stoops' custom-rigged 34' Hatteras Sportfisher.   We offer full-day and half-day trips for up to six anglers.  We also offer trips for Dungeness crab and afternoon trips - Santa Cruz, CA

    CONDOR Sportfishing - 90' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    CORAL SEA - Charter and Open Party fishing aboard Captain Alex Edwards' 58x18-foot Cruizon Boat Works fishing vessel.   Day and multi-day trips are available.   Sleeping accommodations for up to 24 Anglers - Channel Islands Sportfishing Center, Oxnard, CA

    DANA WHARF Sportfishing - Home port for the DANA PRIDE, CLEMENTE, SEA HORSE, SUM FUN, FURY, REEL FUN, HELENA, SAN MATEO, CORTEZ III and RAMPAGE sportfishing vessels - Dana Point, CA

    DAVEY'S LOCKER Sportfishing - Home port for the WESTERN PRIDE, FREELANCE, SEAHAWK, and CALIBER sportfishing vessels - Newport Beach, CA

    DOMINATOR Sportfishing - Captain Peter Giacalone offers a variety of charter fishing trips aboard his 65-foot x 23-foot custom Seaway fishing vessel - Mission Bay Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    ELDORADO Sportfishing - 85’ x 22’ sportfishing vessel.   One, two and three day fishing trips available - Long Beach Sportfishing, Long Beach, CA

    EL GATO DOS - San Diego's answer to the cutting edge in charter sportfishing.   Marlin, bass, barracuda, rockfish, yellowtail, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dorado, albacore and shark!   It's all here and close to home - Seaforth Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    EL CAPITÁN - Captain Alan Fay's 65' x 18' fiberglass boat is equipped with all the essentials.   A variety of a 3/4 day to 2½ day open party and charter trips are available - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    EMERYVILLE Sportfishing - The San Francisco Bay Area's finest fishing fleet!   We specialize in providing fishing adventures outside the Golden Gate and in the San Francisco Bay waters.   Home port for the C-GULL II, SUPERFISH, HUCK FINN, SEEKER, SALMON QUEEN, RAPID TRANSIT, CAPTAIN HOOK, DANDY and PRIME TIME sportfishing vessels - Emeryville, CA

    ENDEAVOR Sportfishing - Captains David Ikeda and John Glawson offer one and two-day charters for up to 25 passengers aboard their 60x20-foot Seaway fishing vessel - Seaforth Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    EXCEL - A large and luxurious long range sportfisher.   At 124-feet x 32-feet, she is arguably the queen of the San Diego fleet.   Captain Justin Fleck offers a variety of multi-day trips from 3 to 17 days throughout the year - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA
    (Go tuna fishing on the Excel.   It will make you HAPPY!  -Mel)

    FIRST STRING Sportfishing - Captain Brad Phillips offers day and multi-day fishing trips in California and Mexican waters.   The FIRST STRING is 93’ in length and features a 25' beam.   Her low to the water, exceptionally wide beam offers passengers a huge deck area and a much more stable fishing platform - L.A. Harbor Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    FISHERMAN'S LANDING - Home of the all-tackle world record Yellowfin tuna (388 pounds), all-tackle world record yellowtail, and many other IGFA world records, Fisherman's Landing offers trips from 1-23 days and is home to the finest sportfishing fleet on the West Coast.   Home port for the EXCEL, ISLANDER, POLARIS SUPREME, ROYAL POLARIS, ROYAL STAR, SEARCHER, SHOGUN, APOLLO, TRACER, CONDOR, PEGASUS, PROWLER, GALLILEAN, PACIFIC DAWN, PACIFIC QUEEN, PACIFIC QUEST, SEARCHER and RELENTLESS sportfishing vessels - San Diego, CA

    GALLILEAN Sportfishing - 60' x 20' sportfishing vessel.   Limited one to three day sportfishing trips.  Full service galley.  Accommodations for 24 passengers - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    GRANDE Sportfishing - Captain James McDaniels offers open party fishing trips from 1½ to 2½ days aboard his 86’ x 23’ deluxe sportfisher - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA


    INDEPENDENCE Sportfishing - 112' x 32' long range sportfishing vessel.   Captains Mark Pisano, Paul Strasser and Jeff DuBuys offer long range trips from 1-day to 18-days - San Diego, CA

    INDIAN Sport Fishing - Charter and Open Party fishing trips aboard Captain Chris Randel's 65x20-foot fishing boat - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    INTERNATIONAL STAR - Serious sportfishing charters with Captain Mike Pritchard.   Specializing in customized charters for up to 29 passengers.   Available packages include local half-day and day charters, and multi-day long-range trips aboard their 80' x 22'  sportfisher - H & M Landing, San Diego, CA

    INTREPID Sportfishing - Captains Kevin Osborne and Rick Kelly offer a variety of 3-day to 15-day long range fishing trips year-round.   Launched in 2007, the INTREPID is a luxuriously equipped 116-foot ABS class vessel with a 27-foot beam - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    ISLAND SPIRIT Sportfishing - Ventura area charter fishing with Captain Greg Ewart aboard his 65-foot x 22-foot fishing vessel - Captain Hook's Sportfishing, Oxnard, CA

    ISLANDER Sportfishing - 88' x 24' deluxe long range sportfishing vessel specializing in two to four day trips.   The Islander is operated by Captains Shane Slaughter and John Conniff - Fisherman's Landing, San Pedro, CA

    L.A. HARBOR Sportfishing - Home port for the MATT WALSH, SPORT KING, FIRST STRING, GAIL FORCE and THUNDERBIRD sportfishing vessels - San Pedro, CA

    LEGEND Sportfishing - 75' x 24' Legend, owned and operated by Captain Shawn Trowbridge, is the premiere full day and multi-day fishing vessel in the Seaforth fleet - Seaforth Landing, San Diego, CA

    LIMITLESS Sportfishing Charters - The ultimate in six-pack charter fishing.   Legendary 44' Pacifica sportfisher... a proven fish catching machine.   Half-day through multi-day trips with Captains Tom Patierno and Bruce Clark - Dana Landing, San Diego, CA

    LONG BEACH MARINA Sportfishing - Home port for the CITY OF LONG BEACH and ENTERPRISE sportfishing vessels - Long Beach, CA

    LONG BEACH SPORT FISHING - Home port for the NATIVE SUN, LIBERTY, THUDERBIRD, TIDE CHANGE and ELDORADO sportfishing vessels.   A variety of 1/2 day, 3/4 day and full day trips are available daily - Long Beach, CA

    MALIBU Sportfishing - Captain Chris Hanson offers daily fishing trips for up to 20 passengers aboard the COBRA, a 45-foot x 12-foot Jeffries fishing vessel - Channel Islands Sportfishing, Oxnard, CA

    MARINA DEL REY Sportfishing - Home port for the NEW DEL MAR, R&R and BETTY-O sportfishing vessels - Marina del Rey, CA

    MIRAGE Sportfishing - Captain Joe Villareal offers all day freelance and overnight freelance fishing charters for up to 24 passengers aboard his 55-foot x 19-foot fishing vessel - Port Hueneme Sportfishing, Port Hueneme, CA

    MORNING STAR Charters - Captain Ben Griffith offers a variety of multi-day trips aboard his 105' x 22' foot aluminum Halter Marine sportfishing vessel, the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    NEWPORT LANDING Sportfishing - Home port for the AGRESSOR, AMIGO, NAUTILUS, PATRIOT, and ULTRA sportfishing vessels - Balboa, CA

    OCEAN ODYSSEY Sportfishing - Captains Dina Grivetto and Rick Scott offer overnight and multi-day fishing trips.   85x25-foot Aguilar fishing vessel - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    OUTRIDER Sportfishing - Captain John Pitman offers a wide variety of fishing trips, from extended 3/4 day to overnight trips.   The OUTRIDER is a 50-foot fiberglass Delta Marine sportfisher - 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro, CA

    PACIFIC DAWN Sportfishing - Join Captain Pat Cavanaugh aboard his newly renovated sixty foot, twenty man charter vessel.   ¾-day, 1-day, 1½-day and 2-day charters plus special 2-day open boat trips - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA (June to October) and  Captain Hook's Sportfishing, Oxnard, CA (November to May)

    PACIFIC ISLANDER Sportfishing - Captain Paul Munowitch offers 3/4-day open party trips and 1½-day limited load charter fishing trips aboard the PACIFIC ISLANDER, a 65-foot x 19-foot Drake Craft sportfisher - Oxnard, CA

    PACIFIC QUEEN Sportfishing - 88' x 22' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    PACIFIC STAR Sportfishing - Captain Mike Bullard specializes in 1 to 3 day trips fishing local offshore waters and 4 to 5 day trips to the more remote Guadeloupe and San Martin Islands.   The 75' x 21' PACIFIC STAR accommodates up to 28 passengers on shorter trips and up to 20 passengers on multi-day trips - Seaforth Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    PAPA HOOK'S Landing - Home port for the ALOHA SPIRIT, ISLAND SPIRIT, MAXIMUS, CHANNEL ISLE, and NEW BLUEFIN sportfishing vessels.   A variety of 1/2 day, 3/4 day, full day and charter trips are available daily - Oxnard, CA

    PATRIOT Sportfishing - Daily, overnight and two-day sportfishing trips.   Home port for the PATRIOT and PACIFIC HORIZON sportfishing vessels - Harford Pier, Avila Beach, CA

    PEGASUS Sportfishing - 65' x 22' sportfishing vessel.  Limited party trips, from one to four days.   Full galley service.  Sleeps 22 people - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA



    POLARIS SUPREME - Captain Tommy Rothery's 90' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    QUALIFIER 105 - Long range sportfishing with Captains John Klein and Brian Sims 105' x 29' sportfishing vessel - Point Loma Sportfishing, Point Loma, CA

    QUEEN OF HEARTS - Captain Bob Ingles specializes in shallow water fishing along the San Mateo Coastline of California, between Montara to the north and Ano Nuevo to the south.   The 50' x 16' QUEEN OF HEARTS offers charter and open reservation trips for up to 45 passengers - Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, CA

    RANGER 85 - Captain Frank Ursitti specializes in limited load open party trips of 1.5 and 2 days.   The 85' x 22' RANGER 85 sails from H&M Landing, San Diego from June through October and from Channel Islands Sportfishing, Oxnard from November through May.

    RED ROOSTER III - 105' x 27' Long range sportfishing vessel - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    REDONDO Sportfishing - Home port for the BETTY G, CITY OF REDONDO, HIGHLINER, LEGACY, REDONDO SPECIAL and SPITFIRE sportfishing vessels - Redondo Beach, CA

    REWARD Sportfishing - Inshore, offshore, overnight and multi-day charter fishing trips for up to six anglers aboard Captain Kevin Rhodes' 50-foot Pacifica.   The REWARD underwent a complete renovation in 2005 to make your trip better than ever - Dana Landing, San Diego, CA

    ROYAL POLARIS - 113' x 29' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    ROYAL STAR - 92' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    SAN DIEGO SPORT FISHING - Home port for the DAILY DOUBLE, MISSION BELLE and POINT LOMA sportfishing vessels.   A variety of fishing trips are available including daily 1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing trips - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    SEA ADVENTURE Sportfishing - Charter and open party sportfishing aboard Chuck and Deanna Taft's 73' SEA ADVENTURE, 56' JIG STRIKE and 46' ALICIA - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    SEABISCUIT Sportfishing - Captain Bobby Valney offers full day and overnight Coastal & Local Islands and Outer Islands charter and open reservation fishing trips.   The 60' x 18' SEABISCUIT accommodates up to 24 passengers - Captain Hook's Sportfishing, Oxnard, CA 


    SEARCHER Sportfishing - 95' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    SHOGUN - 90' x 30' Long range sportfishing vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    SPIRT OF ADVENTURE - 88' x 25' Long range sportfishing vessel - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    Sportsmen's Seafoods - Serving the Sports Fisherman in San Diego since 1965.   They are the only approved and exclusive Fisherman's Landing fish processing service.   Services include filleting, vacuum packing, cold storage, freezer wrapping, custom packaging and smoking.   Try out their world famous tuna jerky - Mission Bay, CA

    STARDUST Sportfishing - The largest, fastest and cleanest party fishing boat in Santa Barbara harbor.   Half day, three-quarter day and twilight trips - Sea Landing, Santa Barbara, CA

    TOP GUN 80 - 80' x 22' Long range sportfishing vessel.   Captains Bob Taft and Scott Hart offer one to six day fishing trips - H&M Landing, San Diego, CA

    TRACER Sportfishing - Captain Tommy Scherl offers charter and open charter fishing trips for up to 18 passengers aboard his 57' x 17' vessel - Fisherman's Landing, San Diego, CA

    VAGABOND - 80' x 24' Long range sportfishing vessel - Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, CA

    VIRG'S LANDING Sportfishing - Home port for the ADMIRAL, FIESTA, HARBOR PATHFINDER, LOT A FUN and PRINCESS sportfishing vessels - Morro Bay, CA

    Fishing Regulations:

    California Department of Fish and Game - Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations, fish identification, permits & licenses, FAQs, newsletters, fisheries management, research - Sacramento, CA

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection - For all those fishing in Mexican and foreign waters.   The U.S. Customs Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires all travelers to and from the Americas, the Caribbean, and Bermuda to have a passport or other accepted form of documentation to enter or reenter the United States.   This applies to all air and sea travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Bermuda and includes all land border crossings as well as air and sea travel.

    Fishing Reports:

    976-BITE - San Diego's Sportfishing Fish Report Hotline!   Specializes in providing the latest Southern California offshore fish reports as well as San Diego County coastal and Coronado Island fishing information - San Diego, CA

    976-TUNA - The Internet Leader in Fish Reports.   976-TUNA also offers a message board, plenty of pictures, a kid's section and charter information

    All Coast Sportfishing! - California saltwater fishing reports, updated fish counts, weather reports, harbor information and detailed boat and charter information for saltwater fishing destinations

    Bite's On! In Southern California - The Number One Source for Southern California and Baja fishing - Hard core fishing forums.   BloodyDecks is made by fishermen for fishermen - San Diego, CA - We provide good fishing information online for fisherman throughout California.   We allow people to talk fishing and share information no matter what the skill level.   Above all, we generate content that is real, honest, and not just a bunch of fluff and paid for product advertising - Fremont, CA

    Fish Sniffer - The West Coast's number one online fishing resource.   Discussion boards, fishing reports and other fishing resources - Elk Grove, CA

    Fish Talk Radio - Whether you are an experienced boater or angler, or you are new to the sport, Western Fishing & Boating Radio is your fishing & boating information highway.   Join us Friday nights from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM on KMPC 1540 AM - Cypress, CA

    Hookup Sportfishing - California fishing reports, fishing news, user forums, fishing spots, GPS coordinates and more - Simi Valley, CA

    Inside Sportfishing - The number-one rated fishing show on Fox Sports West for 20 years.   Their award winning show is aired frequently on Fox Sports Net West, Fox Sports Net West II and The Sportsman Channel.    Inside Sportfishing also offers a wide variety of fishing and instructional videos on DVD, travel information and fishing reports - Laguna Beach, CA

    Lets Talk Hookup - The #1 Fishing Radio Talk Show in the West with Pete Gray and Rick Maxa.   Airs 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM every Saturday and Sunday on The Mighty 1090 AM - Carlsbad, CA

    Oceanic Productions - Bill Roecker’s southern California and Baja Fishing news, stand-up fishing videos and DVDs.   Since 1993, Bill has been news editor and photographer for the San Diego Sportfishing Council - Oceanside, CA

    San Diego Sportfishing Online - Up to date information on the many sportfishing facilities, services and fishing trips available from San Diego California, the gateway to Mexico's rich offshore grounds.   The Port of San Diego is home to the world's largest and most modern sportfishing fleet, providing first class accommodations and unparalleled access to some of the most exciting saltwater sportfishing in the world - Sponsored by the San Diego Sportfishing Council, San Diego, CA

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing - The saltwater magazine for America's west coast and Mexico.   Our mission at Pacific Coast Sportfishing is to help you to boat more fish.   How's that for simplicity?   To that end, our goal is to both educate and entertain you with technique-oriented features, exciting travel destinations, true stories of amazing catches and inside information that you just can't find anywhere else.   We are 100% saltwater, and cover the West Coast like nobody else, from Alaska to Mexico - Newport Beach, CA - Local advice for your next San Diego party boat or charter sportfishing trip.   Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Rob Mailly provides accurate, unbiased and reputable information for planning your San Diego sportfishing trip - San Diego, CA

    Senor Tuna - Where Big Fish Live and Big Boys Play.   George Valenzuela’s California fishing forum pages - Irvine, CA

    Southern California Marlin Online - Since 1996 your award-winning source for offshore big game sportfishing, news, information, education and entertainment!

    Southern California Fishing Hot Page - Devoted to providing information for fishing the many lakes, rivers, streams, and coastal areas of beautiful, sunny, Southern California - La Mirada, CA

    West Coast Angler - Providing a one-stop "Jump-Station" to all of the Internet's resources that relate to West Coast sportfishing.   Fishing reports, Captains and Boats, Message Boards, Tackle News, Fishing Tips, Trips & Events and Photos - Lafayette, CA

    Live Bait:

    BOCCIE BOY Bait - The Live Bait F/V BOCCIE BOY has been serving the Monterey Bay Area from the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor since 1988.   Live Anchovies by the scoop and salted Anchovies by the bucket are available - Santa Cruz, CA

    Everingham Bros Bait Co. - Live Anchovies and Sardines since 1951.   Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quality service when you are ready to go fishing.   Bait barges located in San Diego Bay and Mission Bay - San Diego, CA

    Newport Bait Company - Open 24 hours a day, 7 day a week - Newport Beach, CA

    Organizations, Associations & Clubs:

    Dana Angling Club - Established since 1975, the Dana Angling Club has set the standard for family oriented competitive angling clubs. - Dana Point, CA

    California Striped Bass Association - Dedicated to the Preservation, Conservation and Enhancement of Striped Bass.

    San Diego Anglers Fishing Club - A Family Oriented Club Dedicated to Anglers of All Ages - San Diego, CA

    San Diego Maritime Museum - The museum has been an active part of San Diego's waterfront and cultural life since the arrival of the Star of India in 1927.   The mission of the museum is to serve as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world - North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA

    Tag A Giant - Tuna Research and Conservation Center at Hopkins Marine Station, Stamford U., Pacific Grove, CA

    Tuna Club of Santa Catalina - Founded in 1898, the Avalon Tuna Club is the oldest fishing club in the world.   The club's building in Avalon Harbor is a national landmark and IGFA fishing rules were adopted from the rules of this club.   There is a tremendous amount of antique tackle on display and pictures that go back to the turn of the century.   Once a year, the Club has an antique tackle marlin tournament.   In order to fish, your tackle has to be pre-1940 - Avalon, Catalina Island, CA

    United Anglers of Southern California - A not-for-profit organization made up of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment.   The UASC represents sport fishermen from all parts of California who would like to pass on the sport they love to future generations.   More than a fishing club, members have been working for almost two decades to protect fish stocks and valuable eco-systems.   The UASC has focused on a long-term goal of scientifically managing fisheries to maximize their value to the people of California - Irvine, CA

    Tackle - Rods, Reels, Line, Lures:

    Backbone Fishing Products - Backbone reel clamps are available in six colors and two sizes to fit many reel models from Penn, Pro Gear, Newell, Accurate, Shimano, Daiwa and Okuma and Avet JX and LX reels.   Other products include custom quality chrome-plated brass mounting hardware kits -  Costa Mesa, CA

    Bayside Marine - The staff of Bayside Marine is here to help you make your fishing time on the water as productive as possible.   We carry only the finest rods, reels, tackle, bait, ice, and accessories - Santa Cruz, CA

    Braid Products - Fighting Belts, Harnesses, Rigs, Rigging Gear, Tuna Lures, Wahoo Lures, Trolling Lures, Trolling Teasers, Jigs, Casting Lures, Fisherman's Tools - Palmdale, CA

    Cal's 2 Speed Reel Conversions - Convert your single speed reel to state-of-the-art 2 speed.   Left-handed conversions available.  Custom blueprinting and overhauling.   Call Cal and Eric at  626-357-4441 for more information - Duarte, CA   Get yourself a trick reel today!

    Calstar Rods - Their quality fiberglass and graphite composite fishing rods and rod blanks have "set the standard" for serious saltwater anglers worldwide.   Strength, durability, and performance to catch serious fish - Gardena, CA   Try one of their blanks for your next tuna rod!

    Flexx-Rap - Protect your fingers from monofilament  line cuts - Paso Robles, CA

    Izorline Fishing Products - Monofilament, Dacron, Spectra and Fluorocarbon fishing lines and leaders - Gardena, CA

    Luna Tubes of California - Reach for the live bait advantage!   Free standing and transom mount polyethylene bait tube systems.  Stock and custom sizes available - Costa Mesa, CA

    Pacific Trolling Gear, Inc. - Makers of Pro-Soft offshore trolling lures since 1995.   Traditional styles with no gimmicks, just straight-forward saltwater fishing gear - Irvine, CA

    Salas Fishing Lures - Salas produces a number of Iron Jigs in both lightweight and heavy models.   The light jigs are used to target Tuna, Yellowtail, Barracuda, Bass, Wahoo, and Bluefish feeding near the surface on a medium retrieve.   The heavy models weigh from 4 oz. to well over 1 lb. and are great for tuna, yellowtail, and Amberjack on a vertical retrieve - South Gate, CA

    Sato's Custom Tackle - Unique Products For the Serious Angler.   Garry Sato's products include his Heavy Duty Line Winder Kit, a heavy-duty winder that has enough power to wind spectra on big game reels, yet is inexpensive enough for the non-professional.  Gary also makes the Pro Crimp Kit spectra-to-mono crimping system - Oceanside, CA

    Seeker Fishing Rods - E-Glass, E-Glass/Boron, S-Glass, Graphite and Graphite Composite Fishing Rods and Rod Blanks.   "Best of the Best!" and proudly made in the USA - Long Beach, CA

    SMOOTH DRAG *** Can Stop Anything *** - They make an extensive selection of replacement drag washers for Penn, Penn International, Daiwa, Ambassadeur, Shimano and Fin-Nor reels - Oak HilIs, CA

    Smitty's Belts - Hand-crafted gimbal rod belts including the Smitty’s Special, the Big Game, the Long Range, the Day Belt and other specialty belts.   The product line also includes the Spyder Harness and rod belt accessories - Long Beach, CA

    Tiburon Engineering - Grander Slams, Neon, Munchies, Hoo-Nobs, Ninja Squid, TuNobs, Fishskin Flyers & Bugs fishing lures.  Stainless steel rail-mounted Rod Holders.   New SST-8 & SST-12 two-speed reels with Smart-Shift™ automatic transmission.   One-piece anodized aluminum Reel Frames designed to enhance the performance of your Penn and Shimano Reels to the max.   Models available for Smino TLD, Penn International, Penn Senator, Penn Jigmaster and Penn Squidder Reels - Santa Ana, CA

    Tackle Shops & Outfitters:

    Anglers Center - Specializing in Inshore, Offshore and Big Game tackle.   Expert angling advice, and secure on line store.  Established in 1958, we have been outfitting the serious saltwater fisherman ever since.   Whether Big Game trolling for marlin, heading offshore for tuna and wahoo, or drifting inshore along the beach for halibut, we have the proper selection to increase your catch - Newport Beach, CA

    Angler's Choice Tackle - Offering a complete line of fishing tackle for long range fishing trips.   We have two convenient locations near the sport fishing landings - San Diego, CA

    Badfish Offshore Equipment - Southern California's best source for Fishing Rod Components and Custom Rods - Torrance, CA

    Big Fish Tackle - Fishing Tackle Listings, Fishing Reports, Message Boards, Articles, Editorials and more - Los Alamitos, CA

    Blue Ocean Tackle - Sport and Commercial Saltwater Fishing Tackle - National City, CA

    CharkBait! Sportfishing - The original online tackle shop and it's our goal to be your best option for purchasing quality fishing gear.   What makes us so darn special?   Well, besides great prices and an extensive selection, we stock what we sell - Huntington Beach, CA

    Coastal Kayak Fishing Inc. - The leading outfitter dealing exclusively with the needs of kayak anglers everywhere.   We distribute the CKF line of kayak fishing accessories, publish "The Yak Attack" Newsletter, license expert guides to teach anglers the Coastal Kayak Fishing Schools, conduct the CKF Trips and Clinics for experienced kayak anglers and generally fish obsessively several times a week.   First and foremost, we are committed to outfitting the sport of kayak fishing.   All of the gear we sell from paddles and seats to the folding kayak anchor, are tried and true for the sport.  CKF Accessories are the best products available for kayak anglers... we guarantee it - Malibu, CA

    Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop - We've been writing the book on quality salt water fishing tackle for over three decades!   Our sportfishing business has been the development, testing and proving grounds for most saltwater tackle manufacturers because we know fishing, tackle and where the big boys swim! - San Diego, CA

    Hi's Tackle Box - A full stocking retail fishing store and outfitter with full-time knowledgeable staff members.   Offerings include fishing rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle, fly fishing rods and reels, fishing accessories, fishing apparel and reel repairs - South San Francisco, CA

    Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear - Online store providing a wide variety of equipment for kayak fishing - Capistrano Beach, CA

    JD's Big Game Tackle - Sportfishing Tackle for Saltwater Anglers Worldwide - Balboa Island, CA

    Jig Stop Tackle and Tours - Outfitting saltwater anglers for 35 years.   They are experts on both Baja and long range fishing.   They also specialize in organizing fishing trips to Baja including Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, Loreto, and La Paz - Dana Point, CA

    Longfin Tackle Store - Started in 1986, we carry complete lines of fresh water and salt water angling supplies, anglers apparel, custom rod building supplies, reel repair, rod repair, California and Mexican fishing licenses, downriggers, electronics and bait - Orange, CA

    Mahi Tackle - Fishing tackle at affordable prices.   Offerings include fishing reels from Abu, Accurate, Avet, Daiwa, Okuma, Penn and Shimano; fishing rods from Calstar, Daiwa, G. Loomis, Penn, Seeker and Shimano; saltwater lures, fishing line and leaders, terminal tackle, fishing apparel and accessories - Huntington Beach, CA

    Malolo Blue Water Tackle - Purveyors of Quality Fishing Tackle - Orange, CA

    Melton International Tackle - Big game fishing tackle and supplies - Anahiem, CA

    Offshore Anglers Unlimited, LLC - Online tackle store for inshore and offshore tackle and supplies.   Offerings include rods, reels, reel parts, soft plastic lures, jigging lures, feather lures, deep running lures, terminal tackle, hooks, fishing line & leader material, accessories and apparel - Encinitas, CA

    Pacific Edge - Fishing outfitters since 1980.   They will outfit your private boat with the right stuff for both inshore and offshore fishing.   Along with a full-line of fishing tackle and accessories, they also offer Pacific Edge bait tanks, squid gear, boating equipment and clothing - Huntington Beach, CA

    The Rod Rack - Northern California's premier rod building supply.   They cater to the rod builder looking to create long range and big game tackle.   The shop carries rod blanks, reel seats, gimbals, guides and tops, grips, caps and checks, thread, epoxies, glues and finishes, and rod building equipment - Hayward, CA

    The Rusty Hook - The premier tackle shop for all your fishing needs.   We feature a full range of rods, reels, line, lures, tackle and accessories for local and long range salt water sportfishing - San Pedro, CA

    T's Online Fishing Tackle and Services - Innovative fishing solutions, hard to get items, information, ideas, and tackle suggestions.   We specialize in Southern California saltwater fishing, but can help with your needs wherever the fish may take you - Lakewood, CA

    Tuna Killers, Inc. - Discount Fishing Tackle, Fishing Apparel, T-shirts and Clothing - San Diego, CA

    Western Sport Shop - Our tackle department has a wide selection of rods, reels, lures and tackle for your needs and budget.   We stock a wide selection of G. Loomis, St Croix, Fenwick, Shakespeare, Garcia and Lamiglass fishing rods for both fresh and saltwater, plus Penn Pro Sabre, Powerstick, and Seeker rods for the varied West Coast saltwater fisheries.   To complete your perfect outfit, choose from Pro Gear custom reels, as well as reels from Shimano, Penn, Garcia, Daiwa, and more - San Rafael, CA and  Santa Rosa, CA

    Weather, Tides & Sea Temperatures:

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – San Diego, CA

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – Los Angeles / Oxnard, CA

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – San Francisco / Monterey, CA

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – Eureka, CA

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – Medford, OR

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – Portland, OR

    National Weather Service Forecast Office – Seattle, WA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – San Diego, CA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – Santa Ana Mountains, CA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – Los Angeles, CA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    National Weather Service Radar Image – Eureka, CA

    The National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) is a part of NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), the NDBC designs, develops, operates, and maintains a network of data collecting weather buoys and coastal weather stations.   The NDBC provides near real-time observations from a network of about 90 marine weather buoys and 60 coastal stations to help meet the needs of NOAA weather forecasters and they are certainly handy for commercial and recreational fishing activities.   The U.S. Coast Guard is an important partner to the NDBC and provides transportation for buoy deployments, retrievals, and maintenance – Stennis Space Center, Hancock County, Mississippi

    National Data Buoy Center - Northwest USA Regional Marine Weather Buoy Map

    National Data Buoy Center - Southwest USA Regional Marine Weather Buoy Map

    NOAA Tides & Currents – Obtain tidal predictions computed by NOAA CO-OPS for more than 3,000 water-level stations sorted by State and Region.

    Tide Predictions - U.S. West Coast sites (Listed from North to South) - University of South Carolina - Your source for tide, moon, and sun predictions for the US West Coast.   Over 200 tide sites in California - Austin, TX

    NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) – Western U. S. satellite imagery

    Weather Underground – Committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible.   Their state-of-the-art technology monitors conditions and forecasts for over 60,000 US and international cities, so you'll always find the online weather information that you need.   Weather Underground is a division of The Weather Company (TWC).   It operates separately from The Weather Channel and continues to provide its own forecasts – Atlanta, GA