• Cfood Buying:

    Harbor House Crabs – Our Maryland Blue Claw Crabs are always steamed to order which means they are steamed live the day we ship them.   This ensures that the crabs we deliver are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your doorstep.   Other seafood products offered include Soft Shell Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes, Gulf Shrimp, King Crab, Snow Crab, Clams, Oysters and Maine Lobster tails – Harrisburg, PA

    Jody & Jodee's Fishery – Family owned and operated for 35 years and proud to serve the Jersey Shore the best fresh fish and shellfish available.
    Not in the mood to cook... no problem!   They offer a wide variety of fresh steamed and fried seafood meals as well.   Dine with them or take it home and enjoy.   They also have fresh shrimp and seafood platters perfect for any party or occasion – Route 35 South, Neptune, NJ


    SoftScience – Offers comfortable, ultra-light, supremely cushioned, supportive & durable footwear for fishing & boating at an attractive price – Denver, CO

    UNSINKABLE POLARIZED - They have created the Ultimate Fishing Sunglasses: floating frames, premium polarized lenses, and a Lifetime + Loss™ Warranty.   Their sunglasses feature polarized lenses that are second to none, and the frames are made from a unique material called VaporLite, which has the look & feel of ordinary sunglasses but are 20% lighter, allowing them to float - Huntingdon Valley, PA

    Fishing Craft:

    East Cape Canoes & Skiffs – Builders of shallow water fishing skiffs and boats targeted towards inshore saltwater fishing but can be used for many applications.   Models include the Glide, Lostmen, Caimen, Fury, Vantage and Skanu – Orlando, FL

    Fulweiler llc
    Provides experienced and aggressive legal counsel to the admiralty, maritime, and transportation sectors.   Devoted exclusively to maritime claims and lawsuits, Fulweiler llc offers practical and effective legal representation to individuals and businesses on matters ranging from personal injury and death claims to yacht ownership, boating accidents, and warranty dilemmas, commercial shipping disputes, maritime contracts, claims against insurers and surveyors, and marine salvage and towing claims.   Located in Newport, Rhode Island and Practicing on the East and Gulf Coasts

    LUCCA Trailers – Manufacturers of multi-roller boat trailers made from the highest grade of galvanized aluminum.   LUCCA's high grade boat trailers have height adjustable center rollers and their robust assembly is bigger and thicker than other trailers in the marketplace.   Boat trailer models for boats from 12 feet to 20 feet are available.   Made and assembled in New Zealand – East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand

    Fishing Lures:

    JigSkinz – Jigs that perfect the art of Fish Imaging.   Their NLO (No Line Out) lures use JigSkinz as a finish as well as totally different patented imaging system.   A wide variety of NLO jig shapes, sizes and colors are available – Hilton Head, SC

    Skyline Fishing Company Skyline Jigs – Maker of high quality, custom fishing jigs at affordable prices.   Everything from Snook Flare Hawk Jigs to Bucktails Jigs, Cobia Jigs, and Jig heads.   They use the highest quality and strongest hooks, and everything is made by hand – Port Charlotte, FL

    Fishing Tackle:

    NONPAREIL – Their wind-on leaders and top shots are single or dual walled and made with either 50#, 100#, 130#, 200#, 300#, 500#, or 800# 16 carrier hollow core Super PE braid depending on the diameter of monofilament leader used.  The length of spliced monofilament is treated and polished to ensure there is maximum grip from the hollow core.  They use an exclusive Helical Dovetail™ compression serve at the connection point between the monofilament and hollow braid that provides a thin and smooth transition that will easily go through most guides and lay perfectly on the reel.   Products include Mono, Flurocarbon, Cable and Casting Wind-On Leaders, Mono Top Shots, Tuna Gear, Shark Gear and Fishing Rigs.  Custom Wind-ons are also available – Brooklawn, NJ

    PBL Hooks – Manufacturers of top quality hooks at affordable prices.   All PBL Hooks are made with corrosion resistant black nickel finishes and needle points.   Hook styles include Octopus, Baitholder, 4X Strong Circle, and others – Atlantic City, NJ

    Ringer Swivels
    These swivels have changed the circle hook marlin fishing industry by providing 360 degree hook rotation and quick hook/bait swaps that an O-ring provides.   Ringer Swivels are commonly rigged with ballyhoo and the O-ring is perfectly sized to accept industry standard circle hooks Turner Tackle LLC, Chestertown, MD

    Vector Hooks
    Offers a wide variety of fishing hooks including circle hooks, bait hooks, wide gap hooks, jig hooks, bass hooks, crappie hooks, catfish hooks and pan fish hooks Quincy, FL

    Marine Propulsion:

    OXE Diesel – The world's first high performance diesel outboard setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine.   Uses a marinized 2.0 Liter turbocharged and intercooled GM automotive diesel engine that delivers 415 Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm and 200 HP at 4,100 rpm – Cimco Marine AB, Ängelholm, Sweden

    YANMAR Dtorque – The Dtorque 111 twin-cylinder turbo diesel outboard delivers 50 HP at the propeller shaft with a remarkable torque output of 111 Nm at 2,500 rpm.  The Dtorque out-performs the best 70 HP fuel injected four-stroke gasoline outboards on the market today.   This gives the Dtorque exceptional ability to power heavy loads at low RPM as well as the ability to get on plane quickly, both with a very modest fuel consumption.   Yanmar has an agreement with German manufacturer Neander Shark for exclusive global distribution of this revolutionary diesel outboard – Almere, The Netherlands

    Party & Charter Fishing Boats:

    HUNTER Fishing – Limited passenger fishing by reservation with Captains Mike Ardolino and Larry Patrin.   Their 58-foot custom Rose Brothers boat is licensed for 28 passengers, but all trips are limited to a specific number of passengers to ensure that you are in the game and able to catch your trophy fish.   Two trips daily are offered.   Private charters are also available – Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY

    Click here to read the full story and see a few pictures of the BOBBY II.
    BOBBY II Collision:

    Sixty-four years ago, on Saturday morning, April 23, 1955, the "BOBBY II" left her slip at the Belmar Marine Basin and headed out for a day of Cod fishing.   Captain David Shinn was at the helm, son Alvin Shinn was the mate, and 57 passengers got their fishing gear ready.   After a day of fishing at the Mud Hole, Captain Shinn blew three whistles, started the engines and began the journey home in a dense fog.   A short time later, he noticed the bow of a large vessel looming out of the fog and heading directly for his boat.   He quickly put both engines full speed astern, but despite his efforts, the freighter "PRESIDENT BUCHANAN" rammed the "BOBBY II".   The crash sheared off thirteen feet of the bow of the "BOBBY II" and tossed three passengers into the forty-eight degree seawater.   Click here to read the full story and see a few pictures of the "BOBBY II".

    Sandy Hook, NJ Lighthouse:

    Sandy Hook Lighthouse - The oldest, original structure still functioning as a navigational beacon in the USA
    Sandy Hook Lighthouse – Did you know that it is the oldest, original structure still functioning as a navigational beacon in the United States?

    Did you also know that it is the first lighthouse in the country to be lit by electric lamps?

    The Sandy Hook Lighthouse was first lit on June 11, 1764 and in 1899, became the first lighthouse in the country to be lit by electric lamps.   It's silhouette and warm beam of light has been a familiar sight to anglers, mariners and travelers passing in and out of New York Harbor for over 250 years.   The lighthouse is now part of the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, NJ so stop by for a visit the next time you're in the area.

    The Sandy Hook Lighthouse reopened to the public Sunday, June 24, 2018 after a nine-month renovation that refurbished the interior and exterior of the 254-year-old beacon.   It is now open daily to the public with free half hour tower tours running from 1 to 4:30 p.m.   Tour groups are kept small due to space constraints inside the tower and tour patrons must be at least 4 feet tall to ascend the tower.