This is a photo of Leslie Ann Dreeson (she's the cute one with the red hair) taken after her first tuna fishing trip at the Mud Hole.   As you can see, she did pretty well (five school Bluefin plus a dumb Hunyak that paid her fare and carted the fish.)   The photo was taken September 1987 on the docks at Belmar, NJ behind Captain Gary Fagan's BIG MOHAWK.   Captain Gary and I had a lot of fun watching Leslie beat up on the fish that day.

Leslie was well known on the central Jersey party fishing boats and was an accomplished fisherman (she usually out-fished most of the dudes.)   How many ladies do you know that could tie their own rigs, put on their own bait, cast like crazy and take their fish off the hook?

Sadly, Leslie is no longer with us.   She passed away January 15, 2000.   Damn, I'm going to miss her.

Epilog...  Even though she's been gone more than eighteen years, I am still drawn to this photograph.
Time has dulled the sorrow of Leslie's passing, but memories of her still race through my mind like a moon tide.